Once my walls have been plastered, how long do I have to wait before I can paint them?
You should wait 4-5 days for the plaster to dry or until the plaster has changed from dark brown to a light pink colour.
Do I have to seal the walls once the plaster has dried?
Yes, we do recommend you do this. This is very easy to do and sometimes called mist coat, you can either use watered down paint (50/50 water to paint ratio) or a new plaster sealer.
Do I have to empty my rooms before plastering can take place?
Yes, we do ask that the room is completely cleared prior to plastering as this ensures a more efficient job resulting in a better finish and will eliminate the risk of damage to your furniture. Carpets however do not need to be removed. We will always ensure that all flooring will be covered and well protected.
Do radiators need to be removed prior to plastering?
We do recommend that all radiators are removed before plastering, it will benefit you if you need to remove a radiator at a later date and no further plastering will be required. If you want us to do this please mention it when we visit you, it’s also possible to keep the radiators on the walls, please discuss this when we visit for the quote
Do I need to remove wallpaper before you plaster my walls?
Yes, we advise that all wallpaper is removed prior to plastering to ensure a proper adhesion.
I have had a water leak that had ruined my walls and ceiling. What can I do?
After rectifying the problem that caused the damage, we would recommend that the affected plasterboard should be completely removed, replaced then re-plastered. If there is not much damage then another option could be to patch up any affected areas.
Do you do insurance work?
Yes we do. We would supply you with a free written quotation once we have assessed the damage that you can give to your insurance company and then carry out any work needed once we have been given the go ahead.
How long does it take to plaster a room?
It depends on the size of the room. Most rooms take 2-3 days to plaster.
I will need coving fitted in one room, can you do this?
Yes, we specialise in fitting all types of coving so this will not be a problem.
Can you render on any type of surface?
Yes we can render on most surfaces. Brick, stone and blocks are among these.
My house is pebble dashed. Does this need to be removed prior to rendering?
If the pebble dash is securely adhered to the wall then we tend to leave it, as removing it can often cause unnecessary damage to the bricks and pointing beneath it. In an ideal world we could remove it all but to save costs sometimes its fine to leave it in place.
My tiles need re-grouting, do I need to remove the existing grout first?
Yes, the grout needs to be removed to provide sufficient bonding but this is included in our service, don’t worry we can do this for you.